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Microsft Access Database Hosting - Remote access for each of your users

Connect to your Access Database Remotely

You can easily move your Access 2016, Access 2013, Microsoft Access 2010 and MS Access 2007 database to a cloud desktop.  Your Access Database can then be accessed from most any tablet or computer including windows computers with the built in Remote Desktop Client (RDP) or on an Apple IOS computer by installing the remote desktop client. 

With Ritide's Remote Desktop Server your Access database is hosted on a dedicated Windows Operating System you control and not on a sharepoint deployment.

Only Install your access database One Time for all users.

You only install your Microsoft Access Database once on the server for all of the users on the server.  This simplifies adding a new employee  or user who needs to access the database as well as upgrading the access database since it is only installed once on the hosted server.

Install other programs in addition to your Access Database (included)

Our Microsoft Access hosting also allows you to install other programs you would like to host in the cloud.  This makes it very convenient to access your programs from any computer, share files, print to a local printer.  (You could leave your laptop at home for the next vacation and rest easy knowing you could use any PC to access all the programs and data on your hosted server)

Best Performance for your Access Database with RDP Hosting

Access 2013, Microsoft Access 2010, MS Access 2007 will all run on the Remote Desktop Hosting Servers (formerly called Terminal Servers).  Running your access front end and backend database on the RDP server makes for a very fast and responsive user experience.  This is because the data doesn't move between the server and your computer, only the pixels for your screen.  Running the backend and front end on the server also means you only install the front end GUI one time.

We have 3 Access Hosting options based on your needs

  1. 10 or fewer access users - Virtual Remote Desktop Servers are a good choice for a smaller number of users.  You can also install programs other than your access database with this option.  You have a dedicated IP and Administrator access.
    Click here for MS Access Hosting on a Virtual Server  (Most Common)
  2. A Dedicated Remote Desktop Servers are a better choice when you need more resources becuase you have several programs in addition to your access database and more users.  Dedicated RDP servers offer more resources disk space, CPU and RAM for hosting a larger number of desktops or hungry applications including SQL Server databases.   You also have a dedicated IP and Administrator access to the server.  Some Office 365 Plans can be used.
    Click Here to price MS Access Database Hosting on a Dedicated Server
  3. Only have 2 users for your Access Database desktops? Remote Remote Desktop Access Hosting $49 per user (min 2 users).
Here is a short Remote Desktop Server video showing how:
  • Install programs
  • Redirect printers
  • Copy files via windows explorer and clip board

Benefits of Microsoft Access Hosting  (Full Remote Desktop Environment included)

  • Share files and applications from a central server to multiple simultaneous users (Print locally)
  • Access from any device using a Remote Desktop Client – works with PCs, Macs, tablets and more.
  • Optional licensing available for Microsoft Office, Access, Excel and more.
  • High speed, redundant network for 100% power and network uptime!
  • Easy to add more user licenses or disk space as you grow. (And cheaper than the competition)

Features included with all MS Access Hosting Plans

Full Windows OS, More Storage included, Dedicated IP address
  • You get a Dedicated OS Environment to load your applications & programs. (Admin access included)
  • This is not a shared environment!  
  • NO additional fee for each application installed - others charge $10 per app per month and more.
  • Compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, and more (anything with Remote Desktop Client app)
  • Local Printing, copy files to and from the server as if it is all running on your computer.
  • No Setup Fee, Month to Month agreement – no long-term committement (We earn your business each month)
  • 24/7 phone, email support, Premium network bandwidth with 8 internet providers for 100% uptime.

  • Optional add-ons
  • Veeam full server image backup - $10 per user – this is a backup of the full server and not only individual files or a folder. You are also free to use third party solutions such as MozyPro, Carbonite, etc. or to make local backups to your office.
  • Microsoft Office – MS Office Standard is $12 per user and Office Pro Plus is $16 per user. Stand-alone Access or Excel is available if you don’t need full Office for $8/user. We can provide licensing for Office 2010 or Office 2013. You may also install open source word processing or spreadsheet programs or free word/excel viewers.
  • Microsoft Access – Microsoft Access 2010 or MS Access 2013 or MS Access 2016 licensing is available for $8 per user. Microsoft Access database hosting works great on our terminal server hosting.
  • Anti-virus – Microsoft Endpoint Protection available at $5/user. You can also load your own AV program if you wish.

CLick here for MS Access Hosting on a Virtual Server  (most common)

Click Here to price MS Access Database Hosting on a Dedicated Server

Remote Desktop Access Hosting $49 per user (min 2 users).

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