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Riptide Hosting Virtual Remote Desktop - Terminal Server Pricing

$$ Pricing Calculator Below

  • Includes Complete Windows Operating System Licensing
  • Administrator account access included
  • Ability to load multiple applications
  • No-setup fee and month to month pricing
  • Increase users and resources as needed
  • Can be configured to run 'Remote App' (requires a domain controller)
  • 8 bandwidth providers blended for maximum uptime

— Rusty Braziel, CEO RBN Energy, LLC ( Remote Desktop Customer since 2012

quote imageRiptide Hosting has ALWAYS lived up to our expectations. We appreciate the service we have received from the Riptide team and their quick response to questions. Today we consider them an integral part of our business and will continue to rely on them as RBN Energy expands our consulting and fundamentals businesses.quote image

Server Options Price

Base price of $90 includes 1 vCPU, 1G RAM, 30G hard drive.

CPU $25 for each additional CPU, Easily upgraded as needed.


Need more power? Configure a dedicated server Here


RAM Memory $25 or less for each additional GB - Upgradeable as needed.


Disk Space Storage $.50 for each addtional GB of storage - Upgradable as needed.

Dedicated Servers are best for large storage needs
Your monthly cost for a vmware© server with Riptide Hosting is only $125.00
If you need more power, ram, cpu and disk space Click here for Dedicated Server Pricing
For general Remote Desktop Hosting information click here

Software Options: RDP, MS Office, SQL server Price

Operating System  - For Remote Desktop Pricing Select Remote Desktop Server


User Count  Remote Desktop Server/Terminal Server (Select a Remote Desktop OS above)

RDS user licenses are required for each unique end-user (no shared accounts or concurrent licensing offering by Microsoft).

 users at $8.99 per user   Academic/Educational Pricing from $3 per user - Contact US for Educational
If you need less than 3 users see Click here for the $49 per user pricing. (minimum 2 users)

Microsoft Office (Select Remote Desktop OS above)

***If you own Office Licensing you can only load it on a dedicated server Click Here.

Office Professional Plus includes MS Access and all the Office Standard programs
**Please tell us the version in the notes field on next page.

Server Security Software

Server Backups - Protection from lost files from hackers etc.


SQL Server 2016 / 2014 / 2012 Options (pricing is for 4 cores, Best with a dedicated Server)

You can load the free SQL Express version on a virtual server
***If you own SQL Licensing you can only load it on a dedicated server Click Here.

Your monthly cost for the selected software options with Riptide Hosting is only an additional $0

Grand Total for Virtual Server + Software Options: $125.00



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